Three Year Olds

Welcome to Early Preschool

Putting the building blocks together! We have set up our learning environment and curriculum for the three-year-old to continue building on their self-help skills and beginning preschool skills.

 Using different approaches to learning helps children develop their own sense of independence and creativity. Children develop math and reasoning skills through patterning, object sorting, measurement, graphing and numeral identification. Literacy and language skills are developed through stories, music, and prewriting exercises. Three-year old’s will continue to increase their fine motor skills through art, holding a paintbrush, and using different types of writing utensils. Children will continue to develop their social emotional-skills through modeling, and practice with conflict resolution. Children will be able to express their emotions through music, movement, visual arts, and dance. Children will gain further respect for diversity, family, and community. With exposure to nature and science children will develop their ability to make predictions, observe, and generalize data through experimentation and investigation.

This program will expose your child to STEAM activities!

Being Potty Trained is NOT a prerequisite!