About Us

Orchard Park Presbyterian Church Mission Statement

Blessed by God's Love, the Orchard Park Family seeks to grow in our faith and reach out with the Good News of Jesus Christ.

Guiding Principles

Know the Lord More Deeply

The Holy Spirit

It is the desire of the people of Orchard Park Presbyterian Church to search for, embrace, and implement the will of the Holy Spirit in all that we do. Our prayer and aim is to be a Spirit-filled and Spirit-led people.  

To learn more about our theology please click here.


Worship, with its reformed rhythm of prayer and praise, Word and Sacrament, is central to

the life of the OPPC congregation. To learn more about our Order of Worship and Sacraments please click here.

Grow as Disciples

Children and Youth

OPPC has a great tradition of children and youth ministries and we must use that heritage to propel us forward and outward. Children are welcomed at our worship services with Children’s Messages targeted to their understanding.

Young Adults and Young Parents

We are deeply committed to ministering to our young adults and young parents, they are a vital part of our OPPC family.

Connect with Each Other


We are to be one church and one congregation, not many.

Our goal is to unite our congregation into a single body of believers through worship, prayer, mission and outreach, education, communication, and fellowship, while still maintaining the spectrum of styles and opportunities required to meet the diverse worship and service needs of our people.


One of the strengths of the OPPC congregation is our warm friendliness and open-armed welcome to everyone who enters our doors. It is our desire to build a more cohesive intergenerational community that serves as an extended family.

Reach Out with the Love of Jesus


The Orchard Park congregation has a deep commitment to reaching out with love and compassion to our neighbors, both in our home communities and around the world. This passion for mission at a personal and congregational level will continue to be a cornerstone of our identity in the years ahead.


We strongly affirm the historical doctrine of the priesthood of all believers, as borne out by the enthusiasm with which our people have shared their passion and faith during the wide-ranging discussions we have had together as part of this Mission Study. We know that in the great

Presbyterian tradition, persons among us are called to take up positions of leadership as Deacons, Ruling Elders, and Teaching Elders. To learn more about our governance or polity as well as the Presbyterian Church (USA) please click here.

OPPC History: 

Orchard Park Presbyterian Church (OPPC) has been in existence since 1956. 

 In 1955, two gentleman – Dick Helmuth and Al Porteous – began a campaign to establish a Presbyterian church on the northside of Indianapolis near Carmel. They were able to recruit several members who agreed with them and on January 15, 1956, 116 people signed up as members of the church creating what is now known as Orchard Park Presbyterian Church.

 OPPC is one of over 9,000 congregations in the Presbyterian Church (USA), and ranks among the top two percent in size. In fact, we are the fourth largest Presbyterian Church in the State of Indiana!

 The members of OPPC are committed to becoming disciples of Jesus by being connected with others – inside and outside our walls – to further Christ’s kingdom.

Our Staff And Leadership


Senior Pastor

Rev. Shelly Wood is an Illinois native. She and her husband, Blake, have three children: Maclean, Madelyn and Jackson. Rev. Wood has her BA in English and Political Science and a Masters in Counseling all from…


Parish Associate for Children, Young Families and Pastoral Care

Rev. Trish Lisa is passionate about serving children and their families, and has done so in a variety of ways for the past 24 years. Trish has served two Presbyterian congregations and was responsible for…


Director of Music

Michael Pietranczyk, a native of Chicago Illinois, was appointed Director of Music at Orchard Park Church in January 2003. He has served numerous congregations as organist, choir director, handbell director and…


Executive Assistant & Director of Communication

A Indiana native, Brittany graduated from Purdue University with a BS in Agriculture Communication. From that degree Brittany has cultivated over ten years in community engagement positions. Brittany is passionate about how personal and community relationships can help build a more sustainable community.

Dr. Kristin Lehr

Director of Youth Outreach

Kristin was raised in Carmel Indiana and has degrees in Elementary Ed, Effective Teaching, Special Education and her PhD in Christian Communication and Leadership. She is married to Chip and has three sons.


Business Administrator

Mary is a native of mid-Missouri, graduating from Columbia College in Columbia, Missouri with degrees in Business Management and Criminal Justice. Prior to moving to Indianapolis in 1996, Mary worked for the Missouri Department of Social Services in…



Kristie Watts, LMFT, is a licensed marriage and family therapist. Kristie graduated magna cum laude from Christian Theological Seminary in 2009 with her masters in Marriage and Family Therapy (COAMFTE accredited program). She completed her residency with Groff and Associates Professional Counselling and was fully licensed as a MFT in 2013. Kristie was in private practice with Groff and Associates from 2010 – 2019 and currently runs a private practice in Carmel, Indiana here at Orchard Park Presbyterian Church. Kristie is a faith-based counsellor and has developed many specialities in her 14 years of practice. Her current specialities are grief/loss (Certified Advanced Grief Counselling Specialist), adolescents, family therapy and Postpartum Mood Disorders.

Adam Kerns OPPC


Evening Building Attendant

Adam has grown up at Orchard Park. Orchard Park has always felt like a place that he called home and hopes to do his best to keep that experience for everyone! Adam graduated from Westfield High School and in his short time in the working world, has cultivated a magnitude of experience in customer service and the hospitality industry. Adam has a proficiency for anticipating needs, helping others, and for creative problem solving.




Nursery Director

Debbie joined the Learning Center in 2017 as a substitute teacher.  In 2018 she became a full time teacher in the Junior Preschool and Little Lamb classrooms. In 2018 she also became Nursery Director for OPPC…


Caring for & Governing the Congregation