Youth Ministries


Our Core Values:

#1: Community
#2: Deepening our relationship with Jesus
#3: Authenticity

Dr. Kristin Lehr

Director of Youth Outreach

About me: I’m married to Chip! Mom to Connor, Carter, and Cooper! Dog mom to Lola and cat mom to Taffy and Lloyd. I love wonder woman, Dunkin’ and books!

Opportunities for Belonging:

Middle School GROW (6, 7, 8 grade)

Sunday’s. 11:15-12:15 in room 213 (Youth Hall)

For Parents and Caregivers: Your child will connect with other middle school students in meaningful ways as we learn about the bible, what it means to be shaped more like Jesus and how to use the bible as a resource in day-to-day living.

For Students: Grab a snack and a comfy seat. Hang out, meet people learn about Jesus and have some fun!

Confirmation (7th & 8th grade)

Connect with Kristin for a calendar of meeting dates and times as they vary.

When a young person decides to make their own profession of faith, they are confirming the faith in which they were raised. That is, they are accepting the faith in which they were raised as their own. When youth are confirmed, they publicly make a profession of faith in Jesus Christ. If they had not been previously baptized, they receive the sacrament of baptism. If they had been baptized as infants, they reaffirm the baptismal covenant promises that were made on their behalf by their parents and the local church. They publicly reject evil and sin, and turn toward Jesus Christ, acknowledging Jesus as Lord of their life. The youth then become a member of OPPC, because by being confirmed, they are recognizing that they are part of the body of Christ. They agree to live out their faith as part of the body of Christ through active worship and service in a local church.

“Confirmation class has taught me why I have my faith in God and what is means to be a Christian. It brings me even closer to God and prepares me to have this faith for the rest of my life.”
“During confirmation we learned many different things and had to memorize them for the test we all took, and one thing that we all learned was the Apostle’s Creed. It makes me feel more connected to my youth group when we say it in church because we all still have it memorized and can say it while looking at each other instead of the screen.”

High School Youth Group (9th -12th grade)

Wednesday nights 7-9 pm

For Parents and Caregivers:

7-7:30 – Hang out, tell us about your week, sometimes we pick a social topic to discuss

7:30 pm – Dinner

change to 8-9 – Bible lesson with practical application in the real world. Insightful discussion, meaningful engagement with other students and adults. Planning for upcoming social events and prayer.

For Students:


“I go to OPPC youth group because of the amazing lessons and people there. I learn a lot at youth group and go home thinking about what I was being taught. I use the lessons in my day to life and it deepens my belief and connection to God. The friends I’ve made at OPPC I don’t’ get to see often. When I come to church we all have a great time. I come to youth group and I feel loved and safe. I get to escape the stresses of my life and enjoy time with loving people and God.”


OPPC has a long history of partnering with Camp PYOCA. Stay tuned for information about summer camp. You don’t want to miss it!

“I like PYOCA because you get to see all of your friends and hang out with them all week.”

PC USA: Who we are and what we believe

PC USA and affirmation of the LGBTQIA+ community

Youth Outreach:

We are always looking for opportunities to partner with organizations that help youth in our community. Please reach out to discuss potential partnerships.