Four & Five Year Olds

Welcome to Preschool!

Educating the whole child!

We have set up our learning environment and curriculum to help preschoolers to develop socially, and emotionally so that collaboration, fun, and friendships can happen!

In this program children will develop the ability to use materials in a wide variety of ways, helping them to begin basic planning skills. Developing logic and reasoning skills are supported through dramatic play, drawing figures, and shapes to convey meaning, helping children to develop symbolic thinking skills. Our approach to literacy and language will support children in developing alphabet knowledge, writing skills, and letter sounds. Children will learn to respond appropriately to questions about books and find solutions to simple problems. We will work on using emotional words (such as I am mad) to have needs met while following established rules and routines in the classroom. You will see the creative arts in this program being displayed through music, movement, and the visual arts. Several artist studies will be done in this program. Math skills included in this program will help children learn about identifying numerals and altering patterns, We around off this program with studies of nature and science helping children develop analytical skills such as classifying objects into living and non-living, providing explanations for why an event/outcome occurred, and demonstrating persistence and creativity in problem-solving.