Mission Spotlight – Haiti Medical Clinics – Spring 2024

You’ve heard it in the news recently – Haiti’s capital, Port au Prince, has been brought to its knees by a military type coup, ousting the prime minister. The military, in this case, is the combined effort of the gangs which control 80% of  Port-au-Prince and the surrounding area..  The U.S. Embassy advised US citizens to leave the country and sponsored evacuation flights from Cap-Haitien.

But the northern part of Haiti, including Cap-Haitien and the northeastern mountains, has been relatively safe.  Dr. Renaud Gerve continues his mobile clinic, serving 20 remote villages in the northeastern mountains region and treating 250 patients a month. The recent focus is to head off a new Cholera epidemic. One village had 70 cases last month with only 6 this month.

Additionally, Dr. Gerve’s medical group built a hospital/clinic in Cap-Haitien in 2022-2024.  With the financial assistance of many, particularly Al & Becky Atz, a foundation was laid, walls were built and a roof constructed overhead. In July of 2023 the building was sufficiently complete that they moved in. There they serve over 1,000 patients each month.

Construction continued through February of 2024. The remaining project was to install doors and windows. Pro-Famille Clinique Foundation – Dr. Gerve’s financial arm – requested $6,400 from OPPC to purchase and install 13 doors and 16 windows at the clinic.  After much discussion, the Mission Committee agreed to fund the project, primarily through monies remaining in a restricted account given by a former OPPC member.  With the spring rains approaching, it was essential to install the doors and windows as quickly as possible.  The contractor obliged, and the clinic is now equipped to provide medical services to the poor in a dry and relatively safe manner. 


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