Winter Enrichment – Puzzles

OPPC Puzzle Exchange.

If you would like something fun to do during the cold, gray days of winter.

How about taking up the hobby of puzzles. Orchard Park Presbyterian Church has a puzzle exchange that you can do during the winter months, or any time of year.

All that we ask is that when you take a puzzle, put a puzzle in so other people can enjoy the puzzles too.

Puzzles are located in the cubby outside of room 115. Need assistance on the location or want to donate puzzles to the exchange please contact OPPC.

Puzzles are a great way to pass the time while giving your brain a challenge. We have puzzles for all ages and with varying difficulty levels.

We hope that these puzzles bring you tons of enjoyment. After you have completed the puzzle. Take a photo and email so we can see your finished work.


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