Mission Spotlight 2023: Haiti Central Plateau Scholarship Program

Orchard Park members have supported Haiti students for many years through the Central Plateau Scholarship Program. High school graduates attend courses of study, focusing on marketable educational opportunities, such as nursing, accounting, construction, education, and computer science. The annual cost per student is approximately $2,500. Fourteen students are expected to graduate in 2023. In addition to individual designated donations, OPPC supported students’ studies with a $10,000 donation from this year’s operating budget. 

We recently received a note from Marcia Fisher, President of the U.S. Board of Directors for the Central Plateau Scholarship Program, thanking OPPC for its continued support.  She writes, “Your support and prayers mean so much to these young people.  You have given them the opportunity to become supporting members of the community and to help lift their families out of poverty.” 


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