Stewardship Resources

We have created some resource guides to assist individuals who wish to make their 2024 pledge online, as well as a SEPARATE  document that guides REALM users through how to set up a giving schedule online. Both steps are required:

1) The online pledge tells the church your promise for annual donations. 

2) The giving schedule actually authorizes the transfer of funds from your banking institution or credit/debit card to fulfill that pledge. You may choose your giving frequency, date of withdrawal and specify which account you want the funds to draw from.

This is an activity that must be done each year to coincide with our current pledge campaign, even if you don’t change any other information. Always use a start and end date within calendar year 2024 for this year’s campaign. Questions or want us to set up your giving schedule, contact Mary Leffler at or by cell phone at 317-431-8535.