The Book of Job: Faith in the Storm - October 2021

When Jesus was asked difficult questions, he often told stories that invited people deeper into the questions. Just as Jesus gave us parables, the Old Testament gives us a story to explore the question of “why do bad things happen to good people?” In this sermon series, we’ll look to the story of Job and explore questions like “why ask why?” “does God play fair?” and “where is God when people are suffering?”


This five -sermon series will provide a high-level, practical view of this rich and complex Old Testament book. You can use these sermons as part of a lengthier series on Job, or as a stand-alone topical series on the subjects of grief, suffering, the meaning of life, or the sovereignty of God.

Here are the sermons in this series.

Sermon series: Lessons from Job

  1. Choosing faith in the midst of suffering - Job 1-2
  2. Six questions when giving or receiving advice - Job
  3. Three hard truths about wisdom - Job 38
  4. Job's perfect storm - Job 30, 40, 42
  5. How to respond to a powerful and loving God - Job 42