Dear Brothers and Sisters in Christ,

We have arrived at the place we had anticipated, but hoped we would not find ourselves in.  Our policy for closing the church is to follow the Carmel-Clay School district’s lead.  Normally this is due to weather related issues.  As you know, Governor Holcomb also issued a policy regarding health measures for our community. Considering these decisions and directives, we have made the following difficult decisions.

Trivia Night is cancelled.

Effective immediately church groups are requested to postpone meeting in person.

Ministry teams should conduct their business over phone or email or even by video platform. Community groups (like choir, men’s group, women’s fellowship, prayer groups and the Lenten Study group) will suspend meeting in person and receive instructions from their group leader for how to proceed.

Likewise, community groups such as AA, IHN, and Scout Meetings are canceled.  All keys will be turned off and access to the building will be limited to a handful of people.

Our building is a very well-used community resource. As a communal space, there is great opportunity here for contagion. Our decision to begin narrowing the way we spend time together in this space is not out of panic or fear, but a well-informed decision to practice precautionary measures to take good care of one another and our broader community. If we were to have a confirmed case of COVID-19 in our building, the Health Department would close our space for 14 days.

Here is the Good News:

We hope to be open on Monday, April 6 and plan to have worship on EASTER SUNDAY, APRIL 12.

Over the next three weeks, all pastoral staff will be dividing up the congregation and will be in direct communication with every congregation member during this wilderness time.

All pastoral staff are available via cell phone and email.  Please call any time.

All meetings will take place via Zoom. Look for invitations via email.

Tuesday and Friday emails will go out regularly.

Every Sunday you can watch a sermon have time for worship.  Videos will be uploaded and available on YouTube, Facebook and our Website.  Rev. Mike Samson is on deck to preach this Sunday and you will find him in the pulpit and in your living room!  Gather your family around and have worship.

We will provide devotionals, Bible Study tools and other online resources for you.

I know all of you are juggling something.  You are worried about money, your schedule, your parents, your neighbors.  I know you are being inundated with notifications, life changes, and conflicting feelings of fear, frustration and faith.  I want you to know that God, who is was with us yesterday, is with us today and will be with us tomorrow.  I want you to know that God gives us minds to think through difficult decisions and hearts to have compassion for others.  We have all we need to get through this, and we will. I want you to know you are not alone and that we love you.

So hold fast and keep the faith.

See you online and God willing in person on Easter Sunday!



A note about church finances:

This will be a tender time for our community on many different levels. One of those levels is church finances: the church is vulnerable financially when fewer people are able to come to worship, as we rely heavily on income from our Sunday offering.

If you cannot come to worship, or if our worship gatherings will be suspended for a while, please continue your contributions to the church. 

There are several ways to do this: mail a check, text GIVEOPPC $xx to 73256, give a one-time gift online

at or set up a recurring gift on that same webpage. If you have questions or would

like assistance with giving electronically, please contact Billy Burgin: office 317-844-1107 or remote office 317-886-0057.