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Committed To Excellence.

When researching Carmel IN preschools, there are many factors to consider. But making the decision doesn’t have to be complicated.

The OPPC Learning Center, located in south Carmel, is a great choice for preschool because of our experienced and caring staff, our curriculum designed to meet each child’s needs, and our commitment to providing a safe and nurturing environment.

Our preschool in Carmel Indiana includes art, music, stories, playtime, sensory exploration, time outside, and lots of fun! We offer a beautiful setting with age-appropriate, well-appointed classrooms.

Why is preschool education important for my child?


Preschool education is important for your child for many reasons. It provides your child with a foundation upon which to build future academic success. In addition, preschool education can help your child develop important social and emotional skills before kindergarten. For example, your child will learn how to share, take turns, and resolve conflicts.

Preschool helps your child learn how to interact with other children, follow rules, and share. These skills are important for kindergarten and beyond. In addition, preschool education can help your child develop a love of learning that will last a lifetime. Investing in preschool education for your child is one of the best decisions you can make.

Benefits of a faith-based early learning program

A faith-based early learning program can provide children with a foundation of religious values and teachings. In addition, such school programs can instill a sense of morality in young children and help them to develop a strong sense of personal identity before kindergarten.

Furthermore, early childhood learning programs can prepare kids with a sense of community and belonging. These schools typically offer a more structured environment than secular programs, which can benefit some children.

Finally, faith-based preschool programs often include service-learning opportunities, which can teach children the importance of helping others. Overall, a faith-based early learning program can provide many benefits to children before attending school.


What Programs are Available at the OPPC Learning Center?

The OPPC Learning Center in Carmel Indiana offers a variety of programs to help students succeed in school and life. Our programs are designed to meet the needs of each individual student, and our experienced staff is here to help every step of the way.

In addition to our academic programs, we also offer enrichment activities such as art, music, and playtime. Our goal with our school is to provide a well-rounded education that will help our students excel in all areas of their lives.

We have set up our curriculum and education environment to reflect two-year-olds’ ever-changing activities. We will begin working on potty training as soon as families and children are ready.

We have a daily Bible lesson, we sing lots of songs, we learn about the love of God, and we spend lots of time outside (weather permitting). We are learning how to share, how to take turns, and many other social/emotional skills. We believe children learn through play so there is lots of playing and learning

Preschooler Being Creative

We have set up our learning environment and curriculum for the three-year-olds to continue building on their self-help skills and beginning preschool skills.

Using different approaches to education helps children develop their own sense of independence and creativity. Students develop math and reasoning skills through patterning, object sorting, measurement, graphing, and numeral identification.

Literacy and language skills are developed through stories, music, and prewriting exercises. Three-year old’s will continue to increase their fine motor skills through art, holding a paintbrush, and using different types of writing utensils. Your child will continue to develop their social emotional-skills through modeling, and practice with conflict resolution.

Students will be able to express their emotions through music, movement, visual arts, and dance. Your child will gain further respect for diversity, family, and community. With exposure to nature and science children will develop their ability to make predictions, observe, and generalize data through experimentation and investigation.

This program will expose your child to STEAM activities!

Being Potty Trained is NOT a prerequisite for school!

We have set up our Carmel Indiana preschool to help preschoolers to develop socially, and emotionally so that collaboration, fun, and friendships can happen!

Kids will enhance their resourcefulness by learning how to utilize materials in different ways. Furthermore, they’ll gain early planning skills.

Developing logic and reasoning skills are supported through dramatic play, drawing figures, and shapes to convey meaning, helping children to develop symbolic thinking skills. Our approach to literacy and language will support students in developing alphabet knowledge, writing skills, and letter sounds.

Children will learn to respond appropriately to questions about books and find solutions to simple problems. We will work on using emotional words (such as I am mad) to have needs met while following established rules and routines in the classroom.

You will see the creative arts in this program being displayed through music, movement, and the visual arts. Several artist studies will be done in this program.

Math skills included will help children learn about identifying numerals and altering patterns, we round off this program with studies of nature and science helping to develop analytical skills such as classifying objects into living and non-living, providing explanations for why an event/outcome occurred, and demonstrating persistence and creativity in problem-solving.

How can I enroll my child in the OPPC Learning Center?

If you would like more information about our Carmel Indiana preschool or if you would like to enroll your child, please contact us today! We look forward to hearing from you!

What is the cost of attending the OPPC Learning Center?

Below you will find the age group your child falls into, then see what classes are available as well as the tuition for each class. If you have questions about which group your child should attend, don’t hesitate to get in touch with Victoria Moreau, at or call us at 317-819-0305.

Classes Available

School Day: 9:00am – 2:15pm

Teddy Bear’s: 2 years old by August 1, 2022
Meets: M/W/Th or T/F
Pups: 3 years old by August 1, 2022
Meets: M/W/Th or T/F
Owls: 4 years old by August 1, 2022
Meets: M/T/W/F or M/T/W/Th

One-Time Registration Fee’s
Supply Fee:
Monthly Tuition Rates

The OPPC Learning Center Commitment to Safety and Nurturing

The OPPC Learning Center preschool program is committed to providing a safe and nurturing environment for all of the students in our school. We believe that every child deserves to feel safe and loved. We are committed to providing an environment where all children can thrive.

The Staff at the OPPC Learning Center

Victoria Moreau
Adley Walschlager
Amber Tucker
Becky Meek
Charlene Trent
Deidre Bias
Emily Ward
Jenn Witherbee
Jennifer Lawrence
Larissa Muellner
Lisa Thompson
Liz DeRoss
Nina Haig
Susie Feuerstine

Learning Center Calendar

Wednesday, August 24, 6:30
Orientation and Ice Cream Social
Monday, August 29
First Day of School
Monday, September 5
No School / Labor Day
Wednesday, October 12 - Friday October 14
No School / Fall Break
Tuesday, November 22 - Friday, November 25
No School / Thanksgiving
Sunday, December 4, 5pm - 5:30pm
Christmas Window Display Drive Through
Sunday, December 19 – Wednesday, January 4
No School / Christmas Break
Thursday, January 5
School Resumes
Monday, January 16
No School / MLK Day
Monday, February 20 – Tuesday, February 21
No School / President’s Day-Winter Break
Friday, March 31 – Friday, April 7
Spring Break
Friday, May 12
Last Day of School