stewardship campaign


In Acts, the Holy Spirit never stays still. It is always blowing, always going, always giving more and more people the courage to be disciples and to get involved in God's changing the world.

We believe the Holy Spirit is doing that work in and through us. Orchard Park Presbyterian Church is a cornerstone for faith formation, outreach, hospitality and mission. The saints of this church have given faithfully of their time, talents and treasure.

Now it is our time.

It is our giving that enables us to continue living out the call to claim the Spirit is still alive.

Why is it important to make a pledge commitment for 2020?

Pledging makes it possible for OPPC to discern what commitments to make for the year ahead. It provides church leadership with an understanding of the resources that can be available for those commitments.

OPPC asks all new and ongoing members for pledges of time, talent and treasure. There is an expectation that all members will participate with a pledge that is meaningful and manageable in their current financial situation.

Why does my gift matter?

Pledged commitments directly determine what is possible for us to do through mission and service, education and discipleship, and worship and music.

At the same time, pledging is about more than what we can do. It is also about who we are. Making a commitment and giving annually to the church is one of the ways we express what it means to be disciples and a part of this faith community. By being generous in our financial giving, we express our gratitude for what God is doing in our own lives and in the world. 

How can I make a pledge commitment?

Please follow the link below.  If you have questions, please contact Mary Leffler at or 317-844-1107.