Legacy giving


If you have questions about legacy giving, please contact rev. dr. shelly wood at SHELLYWOOD@ORCHARDPARK.ORG or 317-844-1107.

Legacy Giving - Did You Know

Founded upon the biblical instruction that Christians are called to be faithful stewards of God's gifts of time, talent, and treasure, the General Endowment was established in 1992 when the Session of OPPC accepted and approved a report titled "The Endowment Fund of Orchard Park Presbyterian Church" which had been prepared by the Board of Trustees. Three areas of spending were outlined beyond the annual operating budget of the church

  • Mission: to support the local mission of the church. The projects would be those with which the congregation would identify and could have hands-on experience. 
  • Building and Grounds: to preserve the church home which God has given to us and to make improvements to the facility which would not ordinarily be included within the annual budget. 
  • Creative opportunities for spiritual growth: opportunities that would help members grow in faith and allow them to share their faith in Jesus Christ. 

Watch the video below to learn how one family in our congregation made the decision to make a legacy gift to the Orchard Park General Endowment Fund. 

If you would like to learn more about the general endowment or making your gift, you may complete the contact form or reach out directly to

  • Rev. Dr. Shelly Wood, shellywood@orchardpark.org
  • John Lentz, Chair of Memorial and Endowment Committee, jelentz@gmail.com

Steps to a Planned Gift

We are grateful to those who came before us for all of the ministry that they have made possible. Now it is our turn. We are entrusted to care for this mission – and ensure that it thrives in brand new ways for those who come next. 

Caring for estates and assets often requires help. In order to make sure a particular planned gift fits your situation, we suggest that you consult with your professional advisor on how this gift would fit into your plans. We are here to help! 

If you would like to learn more about the endowment or making your gift, please contact us to learn more.

  • Rev. Dr. Shelly Wood,  ShellyWood@OrchardPark.org
  • John Lentz, Chair M & E Committee, jelentz@gmail.com
  • OPPORTUNITY | For you who care so deeply for this faith community and want to continue energizing this church and its mission, even after your lifetime. 

    THE GIFT OF OUR LIFETIME | For you who are using your assets fully today – like your financial, personal, and real assets. After our lifetime, when we pass along those assets remaining, most of us have the opportunity to make the largest and therefore the most impactful gift of our lifetime. 

    LEADERSHIP | For you whose generous decisions and actions have been witnessed by others. Your planned gift teaches others to re-deploy the resources they have to lift up others - during their lifetimes and after.

  • Planning your gift may enable you to send more to ministry or to protect more future value for you and your family. Here are some of the more common gifts that you might consider: 

    • Bequest: Make a gift after your lifetime through your will or trust. This can be a fixed dollar amount, a specific asset, or a percentage of your estate. 
    • Retirement Account: This can be the most heavily taxed asset in many estates. Choosing this as your gift might leave your less task-burdened assets to your loved ones. 
    • Charitable Trust: Trusts can combine flexible benefits including a generous income, tax benefits and a powerful gift to the church. 
    • Other: Many other giving opportunities might prove ideal for your situation.
  • The aspiring goal is rooted in the firm belief that a larger principal will strengthen the mission of Orchard Park and address our ongoing capital and building needs in a planned and orderly manner. Additionally, this campaign provides members a meaningful way to express their Christian faith and to witness their love for Christ’s church. 

    By increasing the fund’s principal, we will assure that we have the resources for creative, collaborative effort beyond our annual budget as we work together in building the body of Christ and a legacy of faith. 

    Members and friends are invited to make a gift or planned gift that would be above and beyond giving to the annual Stewardship Campaign. Please prayerfully consider this invitation to give generously.

  • Maximize the power of your gift. We teach by demonstrating our values through our words and actions. Now that you have made a gift, you may expand your impact by sharing with loved ones the why of your gift.

    Share the news of your gift with: 

    • Your loved ones so that they can witness your commitment beyond your lifetime — and follow your example to plan their own legacy for the future. 
    • Orchard Park Presbyterian Church so that we may thank you properly and ensure your future intentions are honored, and others may witness your joy and explore their own pathway to a gift.

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