Important Update: The Reopening Taskforce met on Monday, October 4, to review current protocols in place in light of the current status of the Covid 19 Pandemic and the Delta variant.  Based upon all available information, we have decided to maintain the status quo until further notice.

As you know we opened up some more after Labor Day weekend for groups to meet with safety measures in place.  Continuing to mask allows children, teenagers not yet vaccinated, and persons with underlying health conditions to participate in worship and other activities as their comfort level allows.  

We are constantly monitoring the situation and will meet again on Monday, Nov. 1.

The current policy in place is:  (1) Mask wearing in common areas and the sanctuary, (2)   No food, but drink containers may be brought into the church and taken out; (3) For groups currently meeting at the church, OPPC led and non-OPPC led (only Al-Anon and related organizations at this time), if all agree and if all are vaccinated, masks may be removed; (4) Beginning Sept. 7, non OPPC groups may begin scheduling meetings: (5)  Both  OPPC  and non-OPPC led groups are to follow whatever rules are currently in place.
Due to the surge in Covid-19 cases, increased hospitalizations, the Delta variant, and our Christian duty to protect the most vulnerable in our society (primarily children who cannot be vaccinated), we are keeping the above policies in place until further notice.  We will meet again on October 4th to consider changes, if any.  As you are well aware, this novel virus presents a very fluid situation which changes from day to day.
Now for some good news.  Bibles and Hymnals are back in the pews.  Children's Service has also resumed.  These are things for which we can be thankful.  Our Task Force appreciates your patience, understanding, and cooperation.  Our primary objective has been to keep people safe so that we can worship as a community in Christ.  
Re-Entry Task Force

Support Orchard Park

This will be a tender time for our community on many different levels. One of those levels is church finances: the church is vulnerable financially when fewer people are able to come to worship, as we rely heavily on income from our Sunday offering.

If you cannot come to worship, or if our worship gatherings will be suspended for a while, please continue your contributions to the church. 

There are several ways to do this: mail a check, text GIVEOPPC $xx to 73256, give a one-time gift online

at or set up a recurring gift on that same webpage. 

If you have questions or would like assistance with giving electronically, please contact Steve Todd at the church office: (317) 844-1107.