an invitation to belong

Why not make Orchard Park Presbyterian your official church home? You can join as a full member, or an “affiliate” (someone whose primary membership is lodged elsewhere). Membership classes last a brief time but help you find connections, answer questions, and share insights about who we are and provide a foundation about Reformed faith. Class members often develop meaningful friendships with each other.


In order to become a new member at OPPC, we ask that you attend two classes on Sunday mornings. We want you to become connected to each other and with our church family.

Classes are offered quarterly.  Call the church office at 317-844-1107 if you have questions about the schedule.  

Meet and Greet

We invite you to come to an Inquirer's Class where you can explore your own relationship to our Lord and his son, Jesus Christ.  We want our members to understand the meaning of making a personal commitment of faith to Jesus Christ.  In addition, we talk of what it means to be a Presbyterian and what opportunities are available for growing as disciples and participating in mission projects. 

Joining Class

When you have decided that you want to make OPPC your church home, we invite you to attend the Joining Class.  In this class, you will have an opportunity to meet new friends and discuss the process for joining OPPC with our pastor.  You may join by either Profession of faith, Reaffirmation of faith, or Letter of Transfer.

Joining Sunday

New members are introduced to the congregation during a service on Sunday morning.  New members first meet with the Session before the service; you confirm your intention to be members during the service; and then you meet other members of the congregation at a reception between services.  

Want to become a member? Contact Us Here